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Gr. 6 Egyptian Museum

Page School Forecast



updated 4/17/18 @ 7:00am

Kindergarten Screenings will be held on Monday, April 23rd and Tuesday, April 24th. There will be NO half or full day Kindergarten for current Page students these two days. Pre-K will run as normal.


Just a reminder that MCAS begins after vacation for grades 3-6. Parents should note the dates for their child by grade level and are encouraged to make all efforts to have their child(ren) in school and on time as well as making the teachers aware of any appointments that might interfere with testing.

Grades 5 and 6:

ELA: April 24th and 26th

ELA make-up: April 27, May 1, May 2

Math: May 3rd and 8th

Math make-up: May 11th and 15th

5th Grade Science: Math 16th

Science make-up: May 17-18


Grades 3 and 4:

ELA: April 25-26

ELA make-up: April 27, May 1, May 2

Math: May 9-10

Math make-up: May 11th and 15th


Saturday, April 28th will be our first 3-hour early release day for Page School only. The other Saturday date is scheduled for June 9th. There will be NO lunch served these days, but breakfast may be pre-ordered until the Friday before.



updated 4/9/2018 @ 9:00am

Page Before & After School News

April 6, 2018



As we prepare to move back to our BASP space at Page, it may take a few days for us to get  into our routine. Please be patient with us as we organize our space, materials, and work at supporting our staff and students during this transition.  We would like to share some reminders to help mitigate the process;

          Arrival and departure will remain the same. Enter BASP at the ramp door, ring the bell, staff will open the door, sign in/out, and exit into the hallway and out the door.

          If your child will not attend on their scheduled day, please be sure to contact Richelle by phone.


There will be some staffing changes, Ellen will remain at the Merrimac BASP, Adam Cahalane will join the Page team from Merrimac, and Billy and Kenny will be return 1 day a week. Once we are on track and things are back to normal we will post a “wish list” of items we may be in need of. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding during the past months, everyone has been amazing and understanding.


Warmest Regards,




updated 4/5/2018 @ 3:15pm

Monday, April 9th will follow the "B" Day Schedule for K - 3rd.


updated 4/5/2018 @1:51pm

As we approach our return date to Page, please continue to come here frequently for the most up-to-date information. There will be lots of transitions for your students to make next week, and we want you all to be as prepared as possible. This will be updated over the weekend with answers to frequently asked questions.  Parents should email all questions to dgray@prsd.org for information or updates.


For those that have been following the updates, the entire building has been cleaned and ready for students on Monday, April 9th.  Students will see very few areas that look different, mainly due to new paint and flooring.  The hallways are ready to receive new works of art and celebrations of great learning.


Our phone system will be turned back on and functioning in its entirety on Monday.  Parents should still email pageattendance@prsd.org along with your child's teacher when there is a noted absence for any reason. 


Please see the updated bus route list here. It's possible that your original Page route has changed after our time at Merrimac and the Middle School, so everyone is encouraged to check the list. 


As a reminder, Page Elementary School opens its doors to students at 8:15am.  Students proceed to the cafeteria at 8:15 and go up to class at 8:25am.  All students entering after 8:35 are considered tardy. Any student who arrives after that time should be escorted into the building by their parent to sign in. Dismissal begins at 2:55pm. Bus departures happen by 3:05 barring any unusual hold-ups. 


The parent-pick up process at Page will look the same as it always has, with parents coming into the building, filling out a slip and waiting in the lobby until the bell when they will meet their child(ren) and walk together down the hall to Ms. Skelton and Ms. Spurr before leaving the building through the ramp on the ground floor.


The school will revert to its own daily schedule for Specials, Lunch and Recess beginning Monday, April 9th. For K-3rd grades, Monday will be "A" day. Your child's teacher will be going over this with the class tomorrow and sending home more information as reminders, particularly, when the next time your child will have gym class for footwear needs.


For students in grades 4-6, we are back to our originally scheduled rotation.  If your child does not recall, the classroom teachers and many other adults will have rosters to assist on Monday. 


updated 3/30/2018 @3:00pm


For Parents in Grades 3-6

MCAS dates for grades 3-6 have been set. We made on change to the Grade 5/6 ELA test to account for our return back to Page.  Parents should note the dates for their child by grade level and are encouraged to make all efforts to have their child(ren) in school and on time as well as making the teachers aware of any appointments that might interfere with testing. It is also important to note that these dates are tentative depending on the situation with Page students and their current schools of instruction. 


Grades 5 and 6:

ELA: April 24th and 26th

ELA make-up: April 27, May 1, May 2

Math: May 3rd and 8th

Math make-up: May 11th and 15th

5th Grade Science: Math 16th

Science make-up: May 17-18


Grades 3 and 4:

ELA: April 25-26

ELA make-up: April 27, May 1, May 2

Math: May 9-10

Math make-up: May 11th and 15th



updated 3/23/2018 at 3:15 pm


The school committee has put into place three changes to the end of the year calendar.  More information around details and times will be shared soon.

  • March 30th will be a full day for all Pentucket students.
  • Two Saturdays, April 28th and June 9th, will be 1/2 days for Page Students only. Bus routes will be in session.  Lunch will not be provided. 


With the update of April 9th as our projected day to resume classes back at the Page School, we wanted to share some information which will help.   Some of these points will be reminders, others will be helpful for home conversations that you might have with your child.  


As with all schools, each has a unique culture and climate that is important to the school's identity.  This is balanced in contrast to a regional district approach which establishes a degree of similarity across all three towns to ensure consistent expectations for all students. A great deal of our work which is already underway is reconnecting with a positive climate for students in all grades. The perseverance of the students and staff over this time has been outstanding.  The return to getting all the Page students under one roof is and exciting time to celebrate and reconnect.  There are no words that can describe how deeply rooted our school has defined themselves as flexible thinkers, innovators, and connected with a greater cause and sense of community.  


Children can be assured the the building and staff will be open and welcoming to their return.  There will be many areas that will appear to be unaffected by the changes as areas were not initially disrupted and the replacements look identical.  The parts that received extensive repairs will look different so some small tours on the day back for students is to be expected to help meet their curious nature. 


The concept of the first day back will feel much like the first day of school.  Teachers will do more community building exercises.  Support staff will visit classrooms to reestablish a sense of consistency with all students and to bolster their confidence for persevering through this move. 


As the day draws closer, we will reiterate the old schedule of buss pick-up and drop-off, lunch, recess, and specials.  The instructional work will feel very similar to the time both before and during our displacement. 


If you have a conversation with your child about these points/expectations and anything else comes up that you feel would be a good question to address for everyone, please email Mr. Gray, dgray@prsd.org.  We will start to establish a frequently asked question portal yet again over the next two weeks that is updated more frequently as our return draws nearer.




updated 3/18/2018 at 3:15 pm

Dear Parents,


Friday’s Early Release Training was centered around Professional Development for all Pentucket staff.  In light of recent events, we added components that compliment ALERRT and ALICE training that was conducted by staff earlier this year as well as other safety protocols and discussions.  Staff around the district had time with the local police departments to review protocols for preparedness. Most of what we covered can be found using the following link:  http://iloveuguys.org/. In the coming days, administrators will be visiting classes and grades in order to review safety rules that we should follow should we ever need to.  All staff will be using language that is age/developmentally appropriate similar to that we use when we participate in evacuation (fire) drills.  The message students will hear will be that if there is a situation, they should follow teachers’ instructions.


In addition, this past week, many of our nation’s Middle and High Schools participated in a walk-out to protest school violence. In Pentucket, our Middle and High School students will participate in a “Walk-up” on Monday, March 19th led by the senior class president.  Their plan will be to focus on each person’s individual responsibility to contribute in positive ways to the school culture and climate. Though we at  Page School, including the 5th and 6th grade housed at PRMS,  will not participate on Monday, we would like to reinforce our commitment to supporting one another. We are proud of our students and see so many wonderful acts of kindness.  However, we also know that we can do better. We should all encourage students to make a new friend, to stop teasing in its tracks or to participate in a random act of kindness. All staff are recommitting our individual responsibility to make a positive impact for all students. 



updated 3/11/2018 at 8:15 pm


With a time frame coming in to focus for our return to Page School, we wanted to let parents know that we have plans in place to make the return in an expeditious manner once given the "green light".  Our information portal has been less robust these last few weeks, so as the return draws nearer, you will see more relevant information posted, sometime with more frequency than once a week.  


We have postponed our Grade 6 Parent Info night to next Tues, March 13, 2018 at 6PM, PRMS.


SEPAC monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 13 will feature Michael Wendt, a Job Coach at PRHS who is also a former HR professional in the private sector.  Mike has a great presentation on what parents and kids need to think about when planning for the future after school.  He's also got a great set of slides on the resources available to parents and kids in making the transition into work for special needs children. 

Staying on the theme of transitions, we will also discuss establishing a new mentoring contact program with Early Intervention to match up parents of kids in PRSD with parents making the transition into the school district.  Meeting is from 6 - 8 pm at the PRMS in the Green Room, enter by the front door of the Middle School. Email Laurel.Mackay@gmail.com or Suzanne Ray (suzannebalsom@yahoo.com) with any questions.


The Merrimac Schools are currently collecting donations for Operation Pentucket Cares. The Donaghue and Sweetsir Schools have been working in conjunction with PMS for a number of years collecting items that will be made into care packages for our soldiers. A wish list was sent home earlier this week with all Merrimac and Page students at the Sweetsir and Donaghue Schools. We will have collection boxes in the foyer of Sweetsir and Donaghue for the next few weeks.  If you have a family member or friend currently serving our country here in the US or overseas, please feel free to email Ms. Davis (ldavis@prsd.org) the name, rank, and address of your loved one. Once we have finished collecting wish items, we will make the care packages and send them out! Any donations would be greatly appreciated, please help us make this the biggest collection ever!


In an effort to maintain strong social-emotional supports for all of our students while we are spread across the district, we have enlisted the help of our harboring schools’ support teams for the coming weeks. These are staff members who your child may interact with in place of Page staff such as Megan Arel, Caitlin Silva, Lorraine Lord, Nurse Courtney or Mr. Gray.  If you are in need of any assistance while your child is at our host schools, please feel free to reach out as well. 


At the Middle School:

Paul Tentindo – School Psychologist/TIP support

Jo Burritt – Guidance Counselor

Brittany Moore – Guidance Counselor

Monique Landry – Nurse

Ken Kelley - Principal


For the Merrimac Schools:

LeeAnne Davis – Student Support Coordinator

Sarah Pond – Guidance Counselor

Amy Brennan – School Psychologist

Kathie Sullivan – Special Education Team Coordinator

Adrian Bazenas – TIPS ParaEducator @ Donaghue

Noreen Sullivan  - TIPS ParaEducator @ Sweetsir

Russ Marino - Principal


updated 2/28/2018 at 2:15 pm


Report Cards will be going home tomorrow with your child (March 2nd).   The envelopes that the report cards are in might look a little different so we want to make you aware. Students in grades 1-6 will also have their child's Lexile Score included as well on a separate sheet. If your child is in grade 1, it is important to note that children can receive a range or no score, beginning reader, or a Lexile score based on their current progression.  Lexile testing is not meant to be the sole indicator for student progress or indicator of early reading success. 



Kindergarten Registration is open from March 1st - March 31st. 

Packets may be picked up at Sweetsir Elementary School in Merrimac or at the Children's Castle in West Newbury if your student attends there.

Packets must be returned to Tabatha Doiron at the Pentucket Regional District Office (22 Main Street, West Newbury) by the end of the month. Ms. Doiron will go through your packet with you to ensure you have everything necessary for registration and if you do, will sign you up for a time slot for the screenings on either April 23rd or April 24th. You will not be able to sign up for a slot without a completed packet. 


*If Ms. Doiron is unavailable, please deliver packets to Mary Bellerose who will take your information, and Ms. Doiron will be in touch to schedule a screening time or request further information.*

Please email Ms. Doiron with any questions at tdoiron@prsd.org.


As school safety is on the forefront everyone's mind, it is important to remember that a helpful place for parents to talk through how Pentucket addresses security measures is through the weekly morning meeting for parents..  Next week's meeting will be at the Donaghue directly after morning drop-off on Wednesday.  Parents should RSVP to Mr. Gray if they are planning on attending, dgray@prsd.org.


For parents in grades 5 and 6

After this week, the after school schedule will be Tuesdays for homework help and Thursdays for homework help and open art studio.  There will be no Wednesday offering at this time.  We will inform you if one is planned again in the Spring. 

The 5th and 6th grade will now have an opportunity to go outside and walk around the track for recess after lunch.  This will be decided on a day-by-day basis based on the weather.  Students will not have the option to stay inside as all supervisors will be outside.

Page students at the Middle School are participating in the PRMS Operation Cares program Please bring in items from the attached list to support our soldiers.  We are also collecting letters from students to soldiers.  There are boxes in all homerooms for collecting  wish list items.  Please see the attached list of items needed by the soldiers and let's make this the biggest year EVER!!!


Operation Pentucket Cares Wish List

Next Tuesday, the 6th grade students will be showcasing their Egyptian Projects in the PRMS cafeteria from 7:45-8:15.  Parents are encouraged to attend.  As carpooling is always preferred, please park in designated spaces as available.  Parents may also park around the back of the building and along the right side of the front loop between the Middle and High School provided that no fire lanes or hydrants are blocked. Parents can enter through the front of the building. 



We needed to archive all prior updates. They will be located on the Principal's page of the horizontal navigation tabs above.


Learn about our current STEAM projects by clicking here.



For upcoming Community Education Events/Classes, click here.



For Upcoming PTO Events, click here.


Morning Announcement


Anyone who has returned a registration packet to Tabatha should have been contacted to schedule your child's screening time. Screening dates are set for the mornings of Monday, April 23rd and Tuesday, April 24th at Page.


If you have not turned in a packet yet, please drop it off at Page School to Tabatha's attention as soon as possible.