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Caterpillars, Chrysalises, and Butterflies . . . Oh, My!


Kindergarten students have been celebrating spring by studying the life cycle of butterflies.  Several projects allowed students to creatively demonstrate their knowledge.


Here is what Ryan, Josie, and Alison had to say about the butterfly's life cycle.

"Caterpillars come from eggs.  A caterpillar is a baby butterfly.  A caterpillar transforms into a chrysalis.  Caterpillars make the chrysalis in a tree.  A butterfly comes out of a chrysalis."


The kindergarteners made dioramas showing the habitat of a butterfly that included models of each stage.  The dioramas had labels to indicate the sun, clouds, air, flowers, eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises, and butterflies. 


Another activity involved programming Bee Bot robots. Students had to identify the correct order of the stages of the butterfly's life cycle and program Bee Bot to move from stage to stage in the correct order.  Sam, Nicholas, Annabella, and Liam said they sometimes had to change their code to get Bee Bot to the right stage.

June 15th



"I liked telling Bee Bot, the directions," said Sam, Nicholas, and Liam.

Annabella said, "It took us a couple of tries to get Bee Bot to the finish."