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Makerspace Makeover


The tables in the Makerspace received a makeover this summer.  Each table is covered with tempered hardboard allowing students to use dry erase markers to draw blueprints and write notes related to their Maker projects.  Every student in grades K-6 spends their first visit of the year reviewing Tool Safety practices and Makerspace Rules. 


After finishing their Tool Safety quiz, students in grades 4 and 5 took on the Marshmallow Challenge. In 18 minutes, students needed to build the tallest freestanding structure possible to hold a marshmallow using 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 yard of masking tape, and 1 yard of string. Students used the new whiteboard-like table surfaces to plan their designs.


During their next visit to the Makerspace, students were ready to build. For 18 focused minutes, students created a prototype from their plans, often making revisions to improve their structures. Comments like "It needs a stronger base." or "Let's add additional support here." could be heard.


As groups successfully creating a structure, they measured the height and went back to work seeing if they could upon their designs. The tallest structure recorded in 4th and 5th grades was 22", a very impressive height.

September 20th



Planning and creating marshmallow structures on the new tabletops.