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The week of Oct. 22 - 26th was the first annual Mass STEM week.  Educators across the state were asked by Governor Baker to teach lessons focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  The goal of the week?  To raise awareness of STEM education and increase student interest.  


Of course, students at Page engage in STEAM (don't forget the Arts) on a regular basis.  Although STEM and STEAM are nothing new to us, we all had some fun during the week trying something different or extending our current knowledge.  


Second graders have been exploring weathering and erosion by creating models.  By creating mountains and using a blue marker to show where the rain would fall on the higher elevations, students were able to spray the model and watch rivers form.  Some students even spied waterfalls on their model.


The 1st grade students reviewed their coding skills by programming Bee Bot to travel through a Haunted House.   Students were able to decide in what order they wanted to "meet" the Halloween creatures.  The X's on the mat represented walls that Bee Bot had to go around.  The first graders were challenged to create the most efficient code possible.  That sometimes meant traveling backwards.


Massachusetts Statewide STEM Week

November 9th


Gr. 2 students created models to demonstrate how rivers are created.


First grade students programmed Bee Bot to travel safely and efficiently through a Haunted House.