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Gr. 6 - Sept. 15


Engineering Challenge


In Mrs. Fournier's science class, the sixth grade kids had a challenge.  They were given 10 straws, 10 inches of plastic wrap, 10 inches of duct tape, and one cup.  They had the use those materials to make a raft.  The raft had to hold 15 washers for 10 minutes without sinking.  

The point of the lesson was to learn about engineering.  Mrs. Fournier did not care whether we were successful or not.  I think the point was about working together to make something happen. 

by Mirabel


For the engineering challenge, my group made a raft.  We cut our straws in half, wrapped the straws in plastic wrap, and used a little bit of tape to hold it together.  When we put the 15 washers on our raft, it tipped over.  We had to redesign.  We thought we could move the straws on the bottom a different way.

by Laurel W.

September 15th

Grade 6


Quotes gathered by Cam D. and Massima


"We used straws and plastic wrap.  When we put the 15 washers on, it floated.  I learned that sometimes the easiest idea works." - Eli


"There was a lot of trial and error.  We had to redo it a few times." - Julia


"We worked hard, but none of us gave up, which helped us succeed." - Tessa