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Gr. 5 - Sept. 22


The Homework Debate


In writing, Mrs. Erhardt assigned a project in which we have to debate homework or no homework.  Isabella and Uma are for homework.  Ben is not!  What we have to do is research facts to prove our point.  One person in each group is the leader.  The leader's job is to keep everything organized and to direct the group.  After Mrs. Erhardt picks the teams, we will get in our groups to research our position.  As part of our debate, we will need to include statistics gathered during our research.

by Uma, Ben, and Isabella


We do not think that we should have homework.  It creates stress and takes away from family time.  We already did the work in class.  It keeps kids from going outside and interferes with sports.  If we do not go outside, we'll have a lot of energy.  Sometimes we have to stay up late to do our homework.  That makes us very tired the next day. 

by Abe and Jackson


We believe homework is beneficial.  It helps parents know what is going on.  It makes it so you have less work at school.  The teachers can look at your homework and see who needs more help.

by Chase and Chris


Do you know which letters of STEAM are being addressed? 

September 22nd

Grade 5

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 3.27.48 PM.png

We think students shouldn't have homework.  Students can stay up late doing homework and then be tired the next day.  It can cause stress and grouchy attitudes.  It's too much work, and kids loose interest in learning.  Homework can cause health problems when kids skip meals.  What if a child has plans for the night?  That's why we think homework is not beneficial!

by Maddy S., Sydney, Katherine, and Jessie

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 3.28.04 PM.png