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Gr. 3 - Oct. 6


Nature's Bounty in the Page School Garden


The third grade students have weeded, watered, harvested, and washed the vegetables from the Page School Garden this Fall. Harvesting all our vegetables was a highlight of our young gardeners. Our produce has been entered into the Topsfield Fair Junior Gardener competition. We were awarded 6 blue ribbons, one third and one second place ribbon. Our acorn squash placed as "Best in Show". It takes a village to grow a garden. Heartfelt thanks go to the Page staff students, parents, and our partner The West Newbury Laurel Grange for tending our garden throughout the year! Making pickles for the Harvest Dinner afforded the students the opportunity to use their mathematical skills in creating the pickle brine. While visiting the Topsfield Fair, we observed our award winning vegetables and engaged in activities that aligned with our Steam curriculum.

Third grade comments about the garden

Oh , it is our lucky day! We harvested many different potatoes! Olivia S.

I wanted to stay out in the garden all day and rake up the potatoes! Charlie B.

It was fun and dirty to dig up the potatoes! Kai B.

The yellow pear tomatoes tasted amazing! Henry S.

Our harvest was long and hard work! Thomas C.

After working in the Page garden, I want to start a garden at my new house. Aiden J. 


Peeling and Preparing Perfect Pickles!

Pickle making was extraordinary because we peeled and cut the cucumbers. Alex T.

My class made dill and garlic pickles from our garden harvested Sikkim pickles. Senan L.

The pickles were fun to make because we peeled and made the brine. Zack W.

I had so much fun peeling and cutting the unusual Sikkim cucumbers. Gregory P.

I loved making delicious pickles for the Harvest Dinner! Penny F.

We made pickles out of our Sikkim cucumbers and they looked  wonderful! Alexia  B.

Things we've learned

I like the apples at the Nutrition Presentation because they tasted very sweet. Tommy R.

At the Nutrition show I learned bread was a grain. Luke D.

Eating healthy every day is important like eggs and cereal.  Bella M.


October 6th

Grade 3


Thoughts about the Topsfield Fair

The cows were really cute. They give us milk for a nutritious meal.  Andrew P

We saw how they first milked cows. Holden C

There was a pig race where the smallest pig won. Lily R. and Bella M. and Rhyas D.

We got to hold chicks that were black, white and yellow. Quinn W.

There were many bunnies.  One was a lion mane bunny. Alex H.

We saw the bees and the honey bee queen and learned that worker bees live a couple days. Stevie A.

We saw the biggest pumpkin that weighed 2003.5 lbs. How did they do that? Henry E.

I thought it was amazing that a pumpkin could weigh over 2,300 lbs. Josie C.

The queen bee lays over 2000 eggs every day. Seb W.


Finding our prize winning vegetables at the fair

The grange photos showed our garden and teachers. Michael T.

We got to see our first place vegetables that won ribbons. Colby M., Grayson S., Cooper Z.

I learned that we had planted garlic in the Page School Garden because we won first prize for our garlic.  Logan L.

I learned we grew celery in the Page School Garden. Bernie D.

And I learned we grew lettuce. Luke B.

I did not know that we had grown acorn squash and did not know what it looked like until I saw it. Ian P.

It was cool that Page School won Best in Show for its acorn squash. Will C.

It surprised me that our carrots were a purplish-red color. Haylie G.

We won first place for out carrots. Henry Z.

I learned that we had grown eggplants in the Page School Garden. Emma B.

I loved seeing our award winning acorn squash! Caroline T.

The Page school Garden vegetables won 8 ribbons and Best of Show! Owen C.

We saw our award winning vegetables! They looked scrumptious! Elliot D.