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Gr. 2 - Oct. 13


Second Grade Tool Training

Second graders are excited to use the Makerspace this year!  We started our year with “tool time training.” During this time, Miss Seager went through all the important guidelines we need to learn to have fun in the Makerspace while being safe.  There are many exciting materials in this classroom including electric drills, hammers, screw drivers, and saws.  We learned how to use safety googles and gloves as well as to be sure we ask an adult before using a tool.  We also know that long hair needs to be tied back and we should have closed toe shoes that cover our full foot to keep our feet safe while there.  We will use these guidelines each time we have an opportunity to go to Makerspace!


Relating STEAM to Friction Experiments

During our WIN block we were able to incorporate STEAM in our study of Friction.  We broke up into 5 groups.  Group 1 - S - we talked about how a scientist studies materials and their properties.  A scientist studies the way objects move.  We were scientists by studying how a race car moves on difference ramps with different materials.  The materials were felt, wax paper, plastic, sand, hay, fabric, sand paper and foam.  We used a T chart to record their predictions.  T is for Technology.  We looked at the above materials and had to sort them on a table as to what was Technology and what was Not Technology.  E - Engineering - engineers design and create solutions to problems.  We drew and labeled a plan to show what our friction experiment would look like.  A is for the Arts, and we discussed how Media Arts is a way to express yourself by writing.  We needed to predict which materials would create the most and which would created the least amount of friction.  M - Math.  We used unifix cubes to measure the materials we would be using during our race car experiment.  

Now it was time to race our cars.  Using plastic tracks each covered in a different material listed above, we raced our cars to see which materials would create the most friction and which would create the least amount of friction.  We used unifix cubes to measure the distance the cars traveled.  We then recorded our results onto a chart.  We followed up by doing an assessment where we recorded and compared our results.  


October 13th

Grade 2


Elsie: Both hands on the saws and power tools.

Cameron: Always wear gloves because if you bang a hammer on your finger, it will hurt.

Mason: Tools can be dangerous.  They are not toys.  Don't let babies near them.

Donovan: Always ask an adult before using a tool.

Madyson: Always be sure you have goggles on your eyes.  You need them even if you have glasses because they have sides.

Charlie: Keep your hair tied back.

After tool training, we had a scavenger hunt to help us learn about the Makerspace.  We had to find specific materials and use all of the materials to build something we would find in our community.


“I really liked building a building in my community.  My group built the West Newbury Foodmart.”  Emma


“I never really thought my building was going to turn out like this.  This is really amazing.”  Dante


“All of the activities we have done with Ms. Seager were really fun.  I was really surprised with how our building turned out with the things we had to find in the Scavenger Hunt.”  Liam 

“It was really cool to feel the different materials and to race the cars to see how fast they will go.”  Christopher


“We tested different kinds of tracks, went to difference stations and saw how far our car would go.”  Ryan