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Gr. 1 - Oct. 20


Investigating Apples and Pumpkins!


Apples and pumpkins were the perfect way to kick off STEAM in first grade! Here are some of our cross-curricular activities:


·         Which prevents an apple from browning the fastest? Milk, lemon juice, soda, or water? We learned about the scientific method as we explored this science experiment.

·         Will a pumpkin sink or float?  We made predictions and tested them.

·         We are learning all about accessing computers during our weekly trips to the computer lab. We explored the KidPix program and created a fall apple orchard scene with a set of criteria!

·         Can you design a new and improved way to carry apples while apple picking to prevent bruising? First graders designed and built their apple carriers in the Maker's Space!

·         We used paint and cut apples to make apple stamp art! Try cutting an apple in half to find a beautiful hidden shape!  We also made watercolor paintings of apple trees and pumpkins.

·          In small groups, we used jenga blocks to build the tallest tower possible that could hold a real apple!

·         We used real apples as hands-on manipulatives to show the part, part, whole relationship in number bond.

·         We investigated pumpkins and measured their height, weight, and circumference using our math manipulatives.

·         On our field trip to Applecrest Farm, we collected data and learned how to make both bar graphs and pictographs to showcase the data.

October 20th

Grade 1

bridget 1.jpg

Bailey: I liked painting with apples because it was really fun.

Katherine: My favorite activity was the apple experiment.  We used air, water, lemon juice, soda, and milk.  We wanted to make sure the apple didn't get brown.  The milk won because it was white and kept the apple white. 

Brody: We measured the pumpkins.  We checked if it floated.  Everyone thought it would sink, but the pumpkin floated!

Hudson: I learned milk takes bruises on an apple away.

Clara: My favorite activity was putting the pumpkin in water.  It floated even though it was really big.


apple jenga.jpg