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Specialists - Nov. 3rd


The Arts

Sing a Christmas carol, Sing a Christmas carol.  That is one of the songs the 6th grade will hear when they go to see the musical A Christmas Carol in December.  In different specials like music, gym, media, and art, we are learning and doing different things to help us prepare for the musical.


In Gym, we will compare and contrast illness, activity, nutrition, daily activity, and games from the present day to the time that a Christmas Carol took place.

by Mirabel, Massima, Lauren, and Cam


In Media, we watched the movie, A Christmas Carol to know what it is about when we go to see it.  The movie shows us how if you are nice to one person, the other person is nice back to you, but if not, they will be mean, too. 

by Nick K.


November 3rd



A Christmas Carol - Q & A

by Jack Rau


Question 1: Is there more to the story?

Answer: Sadly, no.


Question 2: Why did Scrooge's grave look so creepy?

Answer: Because he was a bad man.


Question 3: Why did the 3 ghosts come in the first place?

Answer: They wanted to change Scrooge into a nicer man.


Moral: There is good in everyone, even the most grumpy people.

In Art students are exploring 19th century architecture as they recreate scenes from A Christmas Carol and incorporating 21st century electronics to illuminate their scenes using LEDs, copper tape, and coin cell batteries.


During music, students are learning traditional English carols that will be sung in the musical and discussing "theater in the round" and the dances and costumes they will see.  Students will also be comparing and contrasting different versions of carols.