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Gr. 6 - Nov. 10


Coding and Robotics

This year we have been starting with robotics and learning about robotics and coding.  Robots are artificial intelligence. To perform actions, they need to be coded. Thanks to Ms. Seager, we have learned how to program them.


We get to use the Lego Mindstorms EV3. We go into the computer lab and learn how to make a robot do all sorts of things. When we are using the robot, we have a packet that we are filling out while we test our code using the robot. In the packet that we were given, math comes in handy.  


We recently figured out how far a robot can go in one rotation.  To find that, we measured the circumference of the wheel.  When we were figuring out how far the robot can move in 3 rotations, we needed to multiply the distance of 1 rotation by 3. We used a tape measure to calculate the actual distance the robot traveled.  When we use the tape measure, we have to make sure that the robot is lined up with the zero mark so the robot does not go a separate way when we test.


We use coding to make the robot move different rotations, go forward and backwards, and turn at different degrees. Robotics with the EV3 is very fun, and helps you learn how to program robots.


by Leah Z., Gabriella B., Ari B., Nikolas L., and Nick K.

I think coding is important because you are telling the robot what to do.  If you tell the robot the wrong thing, you will not get the results you wanted and you have to try again.  Coding helps you learn from your mistakes.

November 10th

Grade 6

Coding has taught me a lot of things about thinking about a problem and evaluating to solve it. It trains your brain to solve problems.


I think coding is important because by coding robots you can make peoples' lives easier and solve many problems. Coding helps program machines to do things we can't or things that would take a long time by hand.