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Please read over our Page Family Handbook


Here is a link to the 2018 Calendar 


I hope everyone has had a fun-filled summer. In just a few days, the school year will start once again. Excitement is in the air as teachers are preparing classrooms and attending meetings to be ready for students on Tuesday morning.  We continue to build on our Innovation School success by launching our work with the new Pentucket Curriculum, STEAM spaces/courses and subsequent professional development around programming /robotics.  If you visit the school between now and the start of school, please respect the work the teachers must do to prepare for a great beginning.  


For the start of school on September 5th, you will want to access the new bus routes to look for any pertinent changes to time or bus # by clicking here, https://pentucketrsd-ma.schoolloop.com/transportation.  It is important for all parents to note that the bus pickup times are an approximation so please be out there earlier than anticipated and staying a little later than planned on the first few days.  The same will hold true for the drop-offs routine in the afternoons.


For all parents, please note the following change for this year;

  1. We are accelerating our specials (Art, Music, Media, and PE) by rotating them over a four-day time span as opposed to five.  This means that children in grades K-3 will be taught specials by letter day (“A” day, “B” day, “C” Day, and “D” Day).  We will rotate through these each day starting with “A” on the first day of school.  Once we get to “D” we will start over the next day with “A”. This translates into 45 equitable days of each special for all students.  Kids will need to know which day they have gym class for wearing the appropriate sneakers. If it sounds confusing, don’t worry, it is more confusing for parents than the kids as once they get into a routine, it really runs smoothly. 
  2. For students in grades 4-6, we continue to offer more ways to customize their specials with the introduction of instruments, chorus, and some new concepts within the disciplines varied by grade level.  Students will get their new courses on day 1. 
  3. All 6th graders this year will be offered German as our first step into our new world language curriculum.  They will receive two sessions per week for approximately 25 minutes per session.  The remaining time for the special, they will be in media lab.


If you are a new parent to the building, please join me from 4-5 pm on Thursday, August 31st in our cafeteria for a roundtable Question and Answer session with our PTO.  We hope to answer any questions that you might have to ensure a successful start to the school year.  You are welcome to bring your child as they will either be joining the discussion or participating in a peer roundtable of their own. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to contact me at 978-363-2671 or dgray@prsd.org for further information or support at any point between now and the start of school. Providing new students with the most comfortable and supported approach for the start of the school year is everyone’s goal.


Our website will have all important calendar and informational updates posted starting this Thursday.  The upcoming dates tab on the right is a great way to get a quick snapshot of all the dates and events that might have an impact on your child/family.  Please also review the family handbook linked on our website to make sure that everyone is as prepared and knowledgeable as possible to start the school year. 


As always, the school is a phone call away if we can provide any further assistance.  Chances are if you have thought of the question, someone else has as well and we probably have an answer for you or can guide you in the right direction.   Thank you and I look forward to a great start to the 2017-2018 school year. 


Kindest Regards, 

Mr. Gray