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Principal's Page



We want to thank everyone for attending the curriculum night presentations last month.  A strong collaboration between parents and teachers regarding their child's education is essential for achieving a higher level of Technical Skills, Adaptive Leadership and Personal Meaning.  For example, students cannot achieve their potential if they feel a disconnect to what is being taught in the class and how they might apply it in their current life and/or future aspirations.  Ensuring that all students have a strong sense of belonging in the learning community empowers them to access more challenging concepts without fear of failure.  Signs of this are present in and around the building where children are engaging in deeper conversations, such as at the Student Art Gallery at Central Office.  It is visible in classrooms where teachers are placing more emphasis on empathy and understanding of everyone's strengths and respecting differences.  Perhaps the most visible elements can be seen on the playground and at recess where students are working together to resolve small differences before they turn into bigger obstacles. It is evident that the groundwork has been laid for a successful start to the year where everyone will be engaging in the collaboration in and inquiry.




We wanted to give a status update on the operations today.  At approximately 1:00 power was restored to the building. After the utilities check and a safety walk from our WNFD, students proceeded to their classrooms after having lunch and an extended recess. Classes have resumed as normal for the rest of the day.  

A big thank you to all of the town services for their support, the crews that were working on the project, and the staff for their efforts.  Most importantly, all students should be commended on their flexibility for an unconventional delayed opening.  

As with all drills and safety practices, we conduct periodic feedback to ensure that we are addressing all scenarios and outcomes.  Your feedback as parents is important in this process as well.  Please feel free to email Mr. Gray with any comments or suggestions.  You may also stop by the Ground Floor Creation Station (across from main office) tomorrow during our curriculum night from 6:00-7:30 and speak in regards to any matter that might be pressing.  As a reminder the format for tomorrow night is as follows from the main page of our website...


Tuesday, September 13th, from 6:00-7:30.  The process will look different than in past years.  All grade levels will be hosting multiple information sessions over that time frame offering parents the opportunity to explore grade levels for one or all of their children as well as explore other offerings. Each session will last 20 minutes with each rotation starting at 6:00, 6:30, and 7:00.  Classroom meetings will be hosted in the classrooms unless otherwise specified by your child's teacher.  The Specialists and Special Educators will be meeting in the Library so please stop by and hear about their curriculum and update to new programs this year.  The cafeteria will be hosting PTO sessions, our food service program, community information and sign-up events.  In the main hallway, parents can sign up for their Parent-Teacher conference schedule on December 6th or 8th.  Finally, right off of the main hallway in our Lower Maker Room, you can join the Mr. Gray and School Council members to discuss any topics requiring additional support or information.  We hope that everyone can make it out on the evening of September 13th to learn all about the classroom, the school, our wonderful PTO and the great offerings in the community.  Anyone who is interested in setting up an information table in the cafeteria for that night should contact Mr. Gray, dgray@prsd.org.



The Page School is still looking for a parent representative to serve on our School Council.  The School Council meets monthly to review elements of the school that are not directly covered as part of the Innovation School Model.  Areas of highlight include the Co-teaching model, cultivating a culture of respect and collaboration, and promoting consistent communication with all stakeholders.  Parents who are interested in serving should send a letter of inquiry to the Page PTO.




We had a great first day with our grades 1-6 students!  Kindergarten and Preschool start tomorrow.  


Our Family Handbook for 2016-2017 can be accessed by clicking here.  It will also be on the Parent Resource section of the website.  It is each families responsibility to review the handbook, sign, and return the last several pages.  We are sending home copies of the forms today with our back to school packet so there is no need to print it out.  All forms sent home are time sensitive so we ask that you make every effort to get the information returned to our main office as soon as possible. 


Students entering grades 4-6 will have a new style of "specials" schedule for the year. The rotations went well today. Parents should contact the school if there has been a change of instrument or chorus needs since school let out.  


Click Here for Grade 4-6 Instrument Sign-up Form



Back to School Letter

Dear Page Families,


Welcome back to the start of another wonderful year at the Page School!  For many of you, this year will be a building block upon all that you have learned over the past years.  For all of our new kindergarten families as well as our new families in grades 1-6 joining us this year, this school year starts a new endeavor for you.  I hope that it is one filled with genuine learning opportunities and social progressions all mixed together in an inviting environment.


Over the summer, the staff has been eagerly anticipating your arrival;


  • We are continually transforming into our STEAM Innovation School of Engineering and Design with everyone's help.  Our work over this summer has focused on providing a more in depth look at math pedagogy and the best methods for reaching your math minds as well as accelerating their potential. 


  • As for our campus, the summer renovation project on the air circulation system is in process and proceeding well. We are in year 3 of our school garden and it looks better than ever, thanks to the many hands that have helped keep it clear and refreshed.  Also, thank you to our parent and student volunteers who helped spruce up the front of the campus in preparation for everyone's arrival.


  • New parents, please plan on attending our new parent orientation and student tours at 1:30 on August 30th.  Returning students are invited to come in at 2:00 to drop off their supplies and see the classroom. 


Most importantly, we are working to provide as much relevant information on our school website for your needs, page.prsd.org.  Here you will find our new Family Handbook, Bus Routes, School Lunch Menu, Important Dates, and our easy payment portals for school lunch, preschool and kindergarten tuition. 


We have many new faces joining our school.  Please join me in welcoming them to our West Newbury Community:



I look forward to all this year has to offer your children....Innovation, Significant Outcomes, and Student Choice.  


Kindest Regards,

Mr. Gray