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updated 2/8/2018 at 3:15 pm


5th and 6th Grade Parents:There will be no late bus on Tuesday and Thursday next week (2/13 and 2/15). All after school activities are cancelled.  Students will need to be dismissed at 2:15.


Considering that the recent information (posted above) has delayed our return to Page School. We want to inform parents that the open ended return date has us working through multiple paths to address not only our day-to day schedules and routines as well as plans for several one time programs that are coming up in each of the buildings.  Plans around programs such as MCAS, Pre-K registration, and Kindergarten screening will all be communicated as the time draws nearer. 



updated 1/22/2018 at 3:15 pm


Parents, please make note that any updates in regards to the Page renovation project will be coming from the town of West Newbury as noted in the above letter sent out on January 5th.  There are no updates at this time.  Please check out the daily announcements below to see how the children are doing in each of our host schools. 


For our parents who wait in the pick-up line at the Middle School, please keep your flashers on as you move through the line so that high school parents, students and staff know to drive around you as they exit the driveway.  Students should only enter vehicles from the passenger side.



updated 1/15/2018 at 8:45 pm

For all parents in grades K-4, the morning bus routes will be pushed 5 minutes earlier to accommodate the differences in schedules for our time at Sweetsir and Donaghue. 


For all parents in grades 5-6, the late bus from the PRMS will not be making stops at homes and will revert back to predetermined spots along the route, but has added a stop at the Page school parking lot.  Parents can arrange to either 1. pick up their child at 3:15 (preferred) 2. tell your child which stop below to disembark from, or 3. have them dropped off at Page (parents must be there for your child to disembark)  The routes are below. 

Pick up PHS @ café side doors/ Pick up PMS @ Front doors

Take a Left onto Main St (Rt 113)





















Turn Right onto Bachelor St













Right onto Moulton St










Left onto South St,  Left onto Indian hill St









Right onto Garden St













Right onto Main St






Right into Parson Woods, Back into First Right






Left onto Main St


































Also for 5th and 6th-grade parents.  Seeing the cafeteria known as Shangri La, I wanted to make you aware of their procedures as you might want to have a conversation with your child about monetary limits or moderation when buying lunch and other add-ons. Please read below.



Above is the link to the Middle and High school prices.

The Page Children are still only being charged $2.50 for lunch 5th and 6th Grade is following the Middle school meal plan!


At the middle school we do allow children to "add on" extra servings of the meal or a second slice of pizza at an addition cost of $2.25 (a "second" lunch). IF they have the available funds.


Bagged chips/snacks, cookies and ice cream are also allowed. There is no limit unless specified by the parent or guardians.




For all parents in grade 4: We have a new structure to address grade 4 specials over this time.  It is important that everyone as your child was told which team they are on today. All grade 4 specials will be at their regularly scheduled time.  The fourth grade will be split into two groups, team A and team B.  Team A will have Art for one week and Team B will have PE for the week. Ms. Manning will pull students each day based on their instrument or chorus.  There will not be ensembles while at Donaghue.  Students should only bring their instrument one time and take them home on the same day. 


Monday- Brass

Tuesday- Chorus

Wednesday- Percussion


Friday- Woodwind


The groups A and B will rotate each week.

Jan 15th: Art A, PE B

Jan 22nd:  Art B, PE A

Jan 29th: Art A, PE B

Feb 5th: Art B, PE A

Feb 12th: Art A, PE B

Feb 26th: Art B, PE A


updated 1/9/2018 at 8:45 pm

Grades four through six progress reports for Page students will be distributed Friday, January 19th.


5th/6th graders are having band and orchestra tomorrow and lessons this week.


5th and 6th-grade students can also take advantage of the PRMS late bus on Tuesday through Thursday each week.  Students will have two options each afternoon, and enrichment or homework help.  Ms. Seager will be coordinating homework help and an enrichment activity on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Thursdays, Marcia Nadeau of the PRHS art department will be hosting the enrichment with an open art studio and Mr. Benvenuti and Ms. Erhardt will do homework help.  This is an opt-in activity so children can go to a set day each week or drop in periodically.  If you have already filled out the Arrival and Dismissal Plans by clicking here., and you need to make adjustments, you can resubmit or email pageattendance@prsd.org each day that your child will attend on Tuesday through Thursday.  Children can be picked up from the front of the middle school entrance at 3:15 by car or get on a West Newbury late bus that will deliver all Page students (along with any middle school or high school students who are getting after-school help in other classes) to their homes.  Today the bus departed at 3:30 and had all children home by 4:20.  Your child will need to tell the bus driver their address when they get on the bus as there is only one route for the town of West Newbury.


4th-grade students need to leave their instruments home this Wednesday and Thursday.  An alternate activity will be planned on those days.  A new specials schedule for next week will be shared on Friday. 


Students from three stops from the MS Route 12 (Bus Driver Deb Bruce) will now need to ride MS Route 9 (Bus Driver Brenda Collen) for both mornings and afternoons for the time that Page School is at the Middle School location.

The three stops are:

  1. Main St and Whetstone St
  2. Main St and Newall Farm
  3. Main St and Marshall Dr

Stops will roughly be at the same time.  Bus Driver from MS Route 9 says students should be waiting at their morning stops by 7:10AM.  MS Bus 9 will arrive at three stops between 7:10 and 7:14AM (this is about 5 minutes earlier than when MS Route 12 picks them up in the AM

After school, drop off will be approximately at the same time.


Grade 3 and 4 Parents,

We are making a change at Donaghue in the AM to alleviate some traffic backups.  

Prior Pattern: You drive up to the school and veer left for drop-off.

New for Page Families and a select group of Donaghue, veer right at the entrance and drive around the right side of the building.  There will be a zone signified by staff that is approved for your child to get out of the car.  Do not drop off outside of that zone.  Children must get out of driver side door. 


updated 1/8/2018 at 8:30 pm

Wow, what a great day!  Considering all of the logistics and overall undertaking, the day was a great adventure.  The word adventure was a common theme shared by many parents as they spoke with their child about the changes.  It signifies unknown, excitement, and growth all rolled into one exciting and remarkable experience.  Checking in with the students at multiple points throughout the day, it was reaffirming how resilient children can be when asked to rise to a challenge.  


We recognized a few logistics that I would like to share with everyone.  Some are a result of simple tweaks based off of different interpretations, others mike take some time to resolve.

  • The parent pick-up and drop-off loop at Donaghue and Sweetsir are continuous around the back  There is no need to stop at the front of either building.  Please proceed around with the most minimal speed possible. 
  • After conferring with the middle school, they do not have an option to park and come in for pick-up or drop-off.  Parents who arrive in cars should stay in the line and pull up as far as possible.  
  • For the PRMS, the bus ridership numbers and times will be evaluated over the first three days.  There have been some great suggestions to consider, but similar to the first few days of school, we need a trend of patterns over a few days before we adjust.  There are some stops along the main street that might be shifted soon.
  • Our Arrival and Dismissal Plans google doc needs more entries, see below. It would be helpful if everyone put their child's schedule in there.  If you make changes, resubmitting it, although tedious, will ensure that your child is getting where they need to go. For our 5th and 6th grade students, the form says bus it really stands for "route"  the children today were handed slips of paper the says route_____bus____.  On that slip, the bus # refers to the physical number of the bus, such as "71" or "122"  the route is the number that we use in Pentucket.  That way, if for whatever reason a bus needs to run another bus route, it does not change the child's language.  At Page, we have routes 1-6.  At PRMS, the students ride on routes 9, 10, 11, or 12.  It will take some training, but we will try to call out routes for the students when referring to their arrival and dismissal.  We apologize for whatever confusion this has caused.

Again, we thank everyone for their communication and support. Keep the questions coming!


P.S. As a way to help keep our school connected and share what adventures other grades are having, we will be making some slight changes to the daily announcement video at the bottom.  Feel free to scroll down and see what is new for the Page.



updated 1/7/2018 at 9:15 pm


All Parents,

We are asking that you submit your child's Arrival and Dismissal Plans by clicking here.

This form will really help us in the days ahead so that we have accurate information on your child's arrival/dismissal plans. 
Please fill out what their plans GENERALLY will be.  If you have to make a one time or unusual adjustment, we will ask that you contact the office page attendance@prsd.org.  

Please fill out one for each child who attends Page K-6.


Here is a link to each school's lunch menu:

It would be good to check this regularly as menu items can sometimes change.


Donaghue lunch schedule:


Lunch for tomorrow and Tuesday:


Hamburger, Ham and Cheese wrap, mini bagel


Cheese breadsticks, pancakes and bagel

Sweetsir (same as above)


Bagnall (same as above)


Middle School (same as above)



How do we contact any relevant Page staff members when they are working at different schools?

For Monday only, the best way will be to utilize the "pageattendance@prsd.org" email address.  This will go to Ms. Doiron, Ms. Bellerose, Ms. Lord, and Mr. Gray.  If you would like to leave a voicemail, we have re-established phone service for the Page Main number. It will be checked periodically so feel free to leave a message.  We will have more contact numbers established tomorrow.  You can contact the main office of each school for emergency purposes.


What if I have a change in arrangements for the bus?

All four school use the same system that we have used at Page for emergency childcare arrangements.  A note signed by a parent must be sent in with your child.  It will be returned to your child in the day and will be used as the "bus pass".  Playdates do not constitute emergency childcare at this time.  Parents can also use the pageattendance@prsd.org as well.


What will grades 5 and 6 recess look like?

We currently have a 12:30-1:15 block for lunch and recess at the Middle School.  Initial plans are to offer some activities similar to Page indoor recess on the first day or two.  After that, we will explore recess options.  There is no playground equipment or quickly accessible outdoor space for large group movement.




updated 1/7/2018 at 1:00 am


A reminder that there are open houses for all four schools today from 12-3 to bring your child and tour. Mr. Gray will be touring each school; Sweetsir from 12:00-12:30, Donaghue from 12:45-1:15; PRMS from 1:45-2:15, and Bagnall from 2:30-3:00.  If you need to speak with him about a sensitive matter concerning your child, these will be the times to relay your questions or concerns.  Classrooms will not completely be set up as they will be on Monday.  Some teachers will be working before, during, and after the open house window to prepare.  Please be mindful of their time and the scope of their endeavor.  The open house will also assuredly elicit more questions.  Please have all questions from Sunday emailed to Mr. Gray by 7:00 pm today, dgray@prsd.org.  There will be every effort made to have all questions answered and posted by 9:00 pm tonight which will be our next update.


Two other things that we are asking parents to make special note of;

1) We are a regional school district that we all take great pride in.  Through this process, we have discovered that we are more similar than different.  That being said, those differences in how each building operates might be small, but feel big as we become accustomed to this as students, parents, and staff.  It is important to note that we are all feeling this and we are all going very slowly and meticulously to ensure safety and a high degree of continuity for your child(ren).

2) Please also take time to thank the staff, parents, and students at all four receiving schools when you can.  At Page, we are "in the thick of it" and although we have just undergone a major move with a tremendous coordinated effort by all, keep in mind that almost all children in the district left school on Wednesday not knowing that Page will be closed.  With the canceling of school on Thursday and Friday, this means that they too will be returning to many unknowns as classrooms and spaces were shifted in all the buildings to accommodate our classrooms.  If ever there was a time to enact the adage, "It takes a village..."  this is the time.  One more item (a P.S. #3), although we know that there are several counterparts at each of our buildings, there are a few staff members that need to be specially recognized.  Ms. Lord, Ms. Doiron, and Ms. Bellerose have been in the middle of all of this, working tirelessly to make sure that this is successful. The other accolades go out to Mr. Hadden, facilities director, and his staff which includes the three Page custodians; Mr. Queenan, Mr. McDonald, and Mr. Husson, among many others in the district who helped make this move happen. 


The following schedule changes have occurred since being posted prior.  It is noted that all Kindergarten students will have the opportunity to take Specials over this time period.  Upon return to the Page, this will be adjusted and options considered for some of the lapsed academic time for 1/2 day AM options.




Specialists will start classes at Sweetsir from 9:50-10:35 for grade 1 and Mahoney and then from 10:35-11:20 for grade 2 and Richard.



Grade K=11:20-12:05 Lunch and Recess 1/2 day K pick-up will occur in the front of the building at the main entrance (11:35 for the first day).



Music Lessons will start for all 4th, 5th and 6th-grade students tomorrow on the exact same days as they previously were. Instruments that were discovered at the school will be brought to your child's school.  Some instruments were damaged in the flood.  We have connected with the families that identifiable tags to let them know.  There might be more discovered tomorrow. 


The Pentucket Regional Campus Art Department will be hosting an open art studio on Thursdays from 2:15-3:15  in the middle school art room.  Students can take the late bus home. 


You will notice that the right of the website contains a new look for upcoming events. We will post specials events at each school that you will need to mark on your calendar.  


All Page students at Sweetsir going to the PM BASP program will get on the “Apple” bus to go to Donaghue. Please practice this with your child.  The bus dropoff and dismissal are very orderly at both Donaghue and Sweetsir.  Your child will need to look for that bus in the afternoons and all teachers will be providing assistance. 


All Page students at PRMS going to the PM BASP program will get on the “71” (Moe’s) bus to go to Donaghue.


Related Arts Schedule for K-2


Day A (monday ⅛)

Day B

Day C


2AA, 1KN, 3KG


2JG, 1BM, 3PG


2JG, 1BM, 3PG

2AA, 1KN, 3KG




2JG, 1BM, 3PG

2AA, 1KN, 3KG



DonaghuePick Up & Drop Off Procedures



Morning Drop off will begin at 8:15


Students arriving by bus will enter from Locust St., and be dropped off at the Donaghue School. They will proceed to the upper playground (located at the bus drop off), students will remain outside until the bell rings to enter the building. In inclement weather, they will proceed directly to the cafe from the bus drop off where staff will direct them to their class line.


Students arriving by car will enter from Locust St. and proceed to the left of the building. Students in grades 3 & 4 will be dropped off behind the Donaghue School and proceed to the upper playground.  Please note: 5th & 6th-grade students, both bus and car arrivals, are dropped off at the basketball court connected to the left side of the entrance.  This will cause some congestion as cars will need to wait until all students in this area have exited the bus before proceeding around the building. Staff will be available at all bus and parent drop off areas.


PM Pick Up-


Students dismissed to the bus will exit the back of the building to the bus line, same location as AM. Staff will be stationed in various positions to assist with dismissal.


Car Riders-


Cars will enter from Locust St. and begin to line up to the right of the building, the first car in line will proceed to the top of the back parking lot. Cars must remain in line until staff directs you to pull forward. Students will exit the back door and proceed to the walkway where they will board their vehicle. Page and Donaghue staff will be stationed throughout the line to ensure a safe departure. Cell phone use is prohibited during this time for the safety of all students. With the additional vehicles, this process may take longer than usual.





Sweetsir School Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures


Morning Drop off will begin at 8:20


Students arriving by bus will be dropped in the bus loop and will enter the cafe where they will be greeted by their teacher.


Students arriving by car will enter Jervey Loop at the far right of the building. Cars will proceed through the loop to the “Drop Zone”. Staff will direct parents to pull forward, once staff gives the thumbs up, students may exit their vehicle on the left passenger side and proceed to the cafeteria. Vehicles should not leave the “Drop Zone” until directed by staff and should exit the driveway and turn right toward the center of town. Staff will be present to direct students.


Afternoon Procedure-


Students riding the bus will exit the school and proceed to the appropriate bus. Teachers will be present to direct students.

Parent pick up will be through Jervey Loop. Enter Jervey Loop at the far right of the building. Cars will proceed through the loop to the “Pick Up Zone”. Staff will direct parents to pull forward, once staff gives the thumbs up, students may enter their vehicle on the left passenger side. Vehicles should not leave the “Drop Zone” until directed by staff and should exit the driveway and turn right toward the center of town. Staff will be present to direct and support students.



If your child has personal items that were left in the building, please email Ms. Doiron, tdoiron@prsd.org to make arrangements.  Some items might not be recoverable and she will be able to assist you how to proceed.


Parents should review the handbook of the school that their child is attending to ensure they have all the additional information that they need concerning the school.  We will be publishing a list specific to how to contact the Page School staff with our last update at 9:00 pm tonight. 


Handbook Links (copy and paste into your browser to review)


Merrimac Schools 



Bagnall School







updated 1/5/2018 at 7:20 pm

The staff had quite a productive day today working at the school from 1-3.  Remember that the four schools will have an open house on Sunday from 12-3 pm.  Further details are below.


The next update will be Sunday morning.  At that time we will have the procedural sheet for pick up and drop off at Sweetsir and Donaghue as well as  "who is who" for each school.  We will also have the appropriate contact numbers for parents to call to reach the appropriate Page staff members.


Parents who might have emailed and still not received answers should resend their email.  As you can imagine, there are many moving pieces to this and some requests or changes might have honestly been lost in the communications.  


All Preschool students will have class at Bagnall on Monday and all 1/2 Kindergarten AM students will have class.  Both will be a 1-hour delay.  


All parents must continue to use the pageatendance@prsd.org email address to communicate their child's absence along with emailing their child's teacher.


What will the K-4 bus routines look like?

The morning times are still the same.  In the afternoon, bus 3 and 6 will have a similar drop off time.  Bus 1,2,4,5 will all run 5-10 minutes later than current schedule. 


How will Middle School routines be addressed?

  • Start time – 7:25 AM 
  • Dismissal – 2:15 PM (bus line has WN bus runs to the right of MS main entrance)
  • Late bus/ed activities/extra help ONLY T-TH – students escorted to café by staff at 2:45-3PM – late bus dismissal 3:15-3:35 as bus runs arrive at campus (one WN bus)
  • Lunch 12:35 PM - students will need their 4 digit code for prepaid lunches
  • Phone 978-363-2957
  • Any student dismissals parents must enter the main office and sign out the student – has to be someone on file, please bring ID as new office staff may be asking for it.
  • Main office:
    • Dianne Kelley – attendance/504 admin assistant
    • Peg Lacasse – special education admin assistant
    • Monique Landry – RN
    • Ken Kelley – Principal
    • Jim Carlson – AP
    • Jo Burritt – Guidance
    • Brittany Moore – Guidance
    • Erin Dolan – Special Education Coordinator
    • Paul Tentindo – School Psych


Can you explain if there will be a plan put in place to handle the increased parent drop off/pick ups at the Middle School? 

Our plan is to monitor the situation for the first week or two to see how this procedure is impacted.  Mr. Kelly, Mr. Seymour, and Mr. Gray will all work together to alleviate the congestion as much as possible if it becomes excessive. 

Arrival- Students arriving at school should be dropped off at the front of the middle school.  They are to walk into the cafeteria where there will be supervised similar to Page.  They will be dismissed to classrooms at 7:25.

Dismissal- Students are all dismissed at 2:15 PM and those getting picked up wait in the lobby for the bus line to depart campus at 2:30.




updated 1/5/2018 at 11:40 am


****Correction**** How will preschool work at Page?

The preschool program is going to be relocated to work in concert with the Preschool program at Bagnall Elementary.  This move will provide more continuity and sense of community for our preschool students.   Ms. Puteri at Bagnall will be working with the preschool staff at Page to have the room ready for Monday. All current times are in effect.


***Correction***How will the Middle School 2:15-3:15 work?

This will only be on Tuesday through Thursday.  The middle school has a late bus that runs three days a week (Tuesday-Thursday) for middle school students who want to stay for additional help with teachers. There will be homework help provided on a daily basis and/or enriching activities with Ms. Seager and other Page School staff. Starting on Tuesday, January 9th, this will run every day on Tuesday through Thursday.  The students will go home with the PRMS students.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please email pageattendance@prsd.org with the subject line "Grade 5-6 After School Program" in the body of the email, If you are picking up your child give us your child's name  and write that you will be picking them up from the middle school at 3:15.  If you would like for them to ride the bus home, in the body of the email insert your child's name and home address for the bus roster.  All emails should be received by Monday at 8:00 am. 


What about the social-emotional needs of the students?

This is a tremendous strength within our district.  Classrooms have already started partnerships with Page classrooms to ensure a sense of welcomeness and inclusivity.  This will continue to grow.  Each school will start the day off on Monday with a quick assembly for all Page School students co-led by Page staff.  In the days that follow, your child will see signs of joining in on all school activities and assemblies as well as some special welcome messages that the host schools are working on.  For the first week of school, all of the support staff, Mr. Gray, Ms. Lord, Ms. Silva, Ms. Arel, Nurse Courtney, will be visiting all classrooms.


How about the grade 5 and 6 students who live close to the middle school?

We will be adding 4 new bus stops in that area. Parents should have their children at the new stops by 7:10 and the bus should be no more than 5 minutes behind that time at any of the stops.

The new stops will be:

  • Dole and Waterside
  • Rivercrest and Meadowsweet
  • Meadowsweet and Summersweet
  • Chestnut Street and Chestnut Hill

The bus driver will be the same person they see on their current Elementary school bus so they will see a familiar face when they get on.


There will be a designated area on the bus in the front for all grade 5 and 6 students.  During Drop off at the middle school.  The grade 7-8 students will disembark and the 4 busses will pull directly up to the front of the school and let the grade 5/6 students out.


Will there be an open house?

On Sunday between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00 pm, all four buildings (Bagnall, Sweetsir, Donaghue, and PRMS) will be open for parents and students to come in and tour the building.  The Principals of each building will be there to answer questions and show the children around the building to highlight common areas and classrooms.  This would be a good time to clarify any particular changes in routines that one might experience. Mr. Gray will be visiting across all four buildings to meet with parents who need to inquire about more sensitive matters.  He will be at; Sweetsir from 12:00-12:30, Donaghue from 12:45-1:15; PRMS from 1:45-2:15, and Bagnall from 2:30-3:00.  




updated 1/5/2018 at 8:40 am


****Correction to an earlier update.  The PRMS Late bus runs on Tuesday through Thursday.  


Will the 5/6 kids be separated from 7/8 during lunch?

Yes, 5/6 lunch will be at 12:30 which will be after the 7th and 8th-grade lunch.


What will by Mr. Gray's role in the 4 buildings be?

Mr. Gray has designated a group of support staff members to be key facilitators in each building.  He will be starting each day at PRMS and will work through a systematic cycle of each school to attend to administrative matters and check in with students and staff. Arrangements are already underway to establish communications and accessibility of the Page office staff, nurse, adjustment counselor, psychologist, and school support coordinator.  Parents who have questions about food services can contact the food services central helpline at 978-363-5557.


Will IEP meetings scheduled during this time be rescheduled?

Meetings for the week of January 2nd-5th have been rescheduled.  All others are being held as planned in the location where your student attends school. 


When are the students scheduled to take MCAS? 

Those dates will be determined and posted soon.  The time will not occur over the next 6 weeks.


How will students get their belongings from Page?

Teachers are collecting many items today from students' desks.  If there are additional items that parents realize might still be at school after the start of next week, they may email the office, tdoiron@prsd.org


Will the play be canceled?

That information will be relayed by the WN PTO once a decision has been reached.  We are going to work as hard as possible to postpone or reschedule as many activities as we are able.


updated 1/4/2018 at 7:30pm



Will 5th and 6th graders be assigned lockers? 

There are approximately 40 lockers that can be used on a daily basis right next to their assigned classrooms.  Across the hallway from the classrooms, students will find wall space to hang their items as well. Students will not receive locks, They will simply have the spaces to store their belongings for the day.  Some classroom spaces have spots to store items as well. 


When will we find out the new routes and time for bus pick up- drop off? Should we expect the K-4th-grade bus to arrive earlier on Monday?

Parents may find this link to the bus schedule helpful that was posted at the beginning of the year.  5th an6th-grade parents will want to reference the new stops and times. As we are currently planning, there will be no disruption in pick-up time in the morning.  Students will arrive at the schools right behind the Merrimac school dropping off.  They will first reach Donaghue and then proceed to Sweetsir.  Students should be in a class by approximately 8:30.  Parent Drop-off procedures for all three schools will be described soon.  As for the end of day procedures, we are estimating that approximately 2/3 of the busses will be no later than 10 minutes compared to their current schedule. Parent's will be informed of these on Friday.


Since the kids will be getting to school slightly later than normal (due to both extra distance as well as extra stop off) will the half day Kindergarten kids be leaving school later than their normal 11:35 am time?

We will dismiss the 1/2 day Kindergarten students no earlier than 11:35.  If there is a more logical time to dismiss that does not impact the day to day interactions, we will communicate that with parents. Plan on 11:35 the first day and we will adjust from there.


Will they be going over fire/emergency drills for the Page kids at the new school?

Yes on day 1.  Ms. Davis who works in the same capacity as Ms. Lord at Page will be working with the students and classrooms for the modified emergency plans. 


Will the Page school kids need to make up these days?

That process will be evaluated by the district and a plan will be put forth after we have worked through the initial logistics. 


updated 1/4/2018 at 3:30


Will there be a BASP group for Middle School Students?  

Yes students who want to attend the BASP program will be able to take a bus at 2:15 over to the Donaghue school where there will be a staffed location for them to go to when they get off the bus. 

The Page Before and After School program will continue to operate without interruption.

All students currently enrolled in the Page BASP will join the Merrimac program at the Donaghue School. District students location may differ.

BASP AM Drop off-

From Locust St., enter Union St., turn right at the front of the building, park in the first lot on the left. Ring bell located near the door marked “BASP”, (nearest to dumpsters). Page staff will greet you upon entering. Students will be placed on a bus at 8:10 and proceed to Sweetsir. Staff will be available to direct students to their teachers.

PM Pick Up-

From Locust St., enter Union St., turn right at the front of the building, park in the 1st lot on the left, ring bell located on the door marked “BASP”, (nearest to dumpsters). Page staff will greet you. Please expect all daily procedures to remain the same. More information to follow.


Will there be a chance for parents and students to attend an open house for each school?

Yes, we are working on providing the highest amount of comfort for the students amidst this transition. We do understand that a great deal of angst from students comes from the unknown and seeing their new temporary classrooms will go a long way with helping allay any fears. All of the spaces are sized appropriately for traditional classroom instruction and activities. This could look like a staggered open house between each school.  The probability of this happening at some point over the weekend is higher than happening tomorrow.   


What are related services?

All services that a child receives such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speach and Language.  If your child receives these or any specialized education services, they will be delivered in the same school that they will attend over the period of time, Sweetsir for grades K-2, Donaghue for grades 3 and 4 and PRMS for grades 5 and 6.  Across the district, there are other programs that offer a different service model.  Those parents have been informed that their child will be attending Bagnall.


What will the daily schedule look like for grades K-4?

With the exception of fourth grade, students travel around the building primarily as a homeroom.  For grades K-3, the classroom teachers will continue base their schedule to include a substantial block of tie to devote to literacy, math and the humanities.  There will also be time for recess, lunch, and specials.  Fourth-grade students rotate throughout the day in a departmentalized manner.  The teachers are working collaboratively to make a small adjustment to their current schedule.  The specials, recess, and lunch times are below.


  • Specialists will start off their day at PRMS from 8:25 until 9:22 with grades 5-6.
  • For grades K-3, There are no A,B,C,D days.  Their rotation will now be a three-day rotation, (ABC). Monday will be A.  
  • Specialists will start classes at Sweetsir from 9:50-10:35 for grade 1 and Ms. Mahoney and then from 10:35-11:20 for grade 2 and Ms. Richard.  Students will only attend art, music, and PE.  Library and media lab visits will be handled out of this rotation. 
  • Specialists will start classes at Donaghue from 12:35-1:20 for grade 3 and 1:25-2:10 for grade 4 and then assist with all dismissal from Donaghue for the Page students.


For supervision,  noontime aides are split to assist in each building.  Cafeteria tables will be set up for the additional load of students.  Cafeteria staff will be split up to assist at each of the three buildings.


Sweetsir with Ms. Cordero

Grade K=11:25-12:10 Lunch and Recess

Grade 1=11:30-12:15 Recess and Lunch

Grade 2=11:55-12:40 Recess and Lunch


Donaghue with Ms. Oliphant

Grade 3=11:45-12:30 Recess and Lunch

Grade 4= 12:35-1:20 Recess and Lunch




updated 1/4/2018 at 12:00


Will children have different classroom teachers?

All classroom structures and routines will be the same.  The same teachers will be working on the same subject, just in a different setting.  Teachers will begin those preparations tomorrow. 


What about activities that occur both before and after school?

Our students benefit from many options outside of the school day.  For the Before and After School Program (BASP), those students will be enrolled in the same program at Donaghue. More information will be coming from Leanne Davis soon.

Other activities run by the PTO such as enrichment and BOKS will need to be suspended aside from the ski program.  The school has been in contact with each respective group and you should be hearing from the organizers.  They will be connecting with groups to relay updates. 



WIll my grade 5 or 6 child(ren) ride the bus with the 7-12 grade students?

Yes, the impact on timing is the highest for grades 5 and 6 as they will follow the middle school pick up and drop off times.  Students in grades 5 and 6 will sit in the front of the bus and be dropped off aside from the other children. 

Parent pickup and drop off at the Middle School occurs in the front.  Mr. Kelly has noted that parents should drop off before 7:10 and have their child report to the cafeteria where there will be a recognizable Page staff member assisting. 

Although the timing is off, the schedule for the grades 5 and 6 will we remain very consistent.  The schedule below will be helpful.

Middle School Assignments:
Peterson- 628
Erhardt- 611


Additional support staff based at PRMS- Lord, Seager, Holewinski, Donaghue, Iannazzi, Atwood

Other staff who service children based on specific schools will be delivering services at PRMS. 

  • 7:35-8:28 Block 1- attendance
    • Run current go around 1 at this time as though the students just returned from specials.
  • 8:32-9:22 Block 2
    • Specials time: Amy W will use gym, Art, Media, STEAM, and Music will be on a cart, instrumental will be in auditorium.
  • 9:26-10:16 Block 3
    • Current go around #2
  • 10:20-11:10 Block 4
    • Current go around #3
  • 11:14-12:29 Block 5 (This is long as it includes the PRMS lunch, Page students will lunch at 12:31)
    • Current go around #4 with additional time of approximately 30 minutes, agenda checks and pack bags
  • 12:31-1:21 Block 6
    • Lunch in the cafeteria, not with grades 7 and 8. There will be a recess option at PRMS.   
  • 1:25-2:15 Block 7
    • Go round #5 students will be dismissed slightly early to get on busses prior to grades 7-12 .



Please read over our Page Family Handbook


Here is a link to the 2018 Calendar 


I hope everyone has had a fun-filled summer. In just a few days, the school year will start once again. Excitement is in the air as teachers are preparing classrooms and attending meetings to be ready for students on Tuesday morning.  We continue to build on our Innovation School success by launching our work with the new Pentucket Curriculum, STEAM spaces/courses and subsequent professional development around programming /robotics.  If you visit the school between now and the start of school, please respect the work the teachers must do to prepare for a great beginning.  


For the start of school on September 5th, you will want to access the new bus routes to look for any pertinent changes to time or bus # by clicking here, https://pentucketrsd-ma.schoolloop.com/transportation.  It is important for all parents to note that the bus pickup times are an approximation so please be out there earlier than anticipated and staying a little later than planned on the first few days.  The same will hold true for the drop-offs routine in the afternoons.


For all parents, please note the following change for this year;

  1. We are accelerating our specials (Art, Music, Media, and PE) by rotating them over a four-day time span as opposed to five.  This means that children in grades K-3 will be taught specials by letter day (“A” day, “B” day, “C” Day, and “D” Day).  We will rotate through these each day starting with “A” on the first day of school.  Once we get to “D” we will start over the next day with “A”. This translates into 45 equitable days of each special for all students.  Kids will need to know which day they have gym class for wearing the appropriate sneakers. If it sounds confusing, don’t worry, it is more confusing for parents than the kids as once they get into a routine, it really runs smoothly. 
  2. For students in grades 4-6, we continue to offer more ways to customize their specials with the introduction of instruments, chorus, and some new concepts within the disciplines varied by grade level.  Students will get their new courses on day 1. 
  3. All 6th graders this year will be offered German as our first step into our new world language curriculum.  They will receive two sessions per week for approximately 25 minutes per session.  The remaining time for the special, they will be in media lab.


If you are a new parent to the building, please join me from 4-5 pm on Thursday, August 31st in our cafeteria for a roundtable Question and Answer session with our PTO.  We hope to answer any questions that you might have to ensure a successful start to the school year.  You are welcome to bring your child as they will either be joining the discussion or participating in a peer roundtable of their own. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to contact me at 978-363-2671 or dgray@prsd.org for further information or support at any point between now and the start of school. Providing new students with the most comfortable and supported approach for the start of the school year is everyone’s goal.


Our website will have all important calendar and informational updates posted starting this Thursday.  The upcoming dates tab on the right is a great way to get a quick snapshot of all the dates and events that might have an impact on your child/family.  Please also review the family handbook linked on our website to make sure that everyone is as prepared and knowledgeable as possible to start the school year. 


As always, the school is a phone call away if we can provide any further assistance.  Chances are if you have thought of the question, someone else has as well and we probably have an answer for you or can guide you in the right direction.   Thank you and I look forward to a great start to the 2017-2018 school year. 


Kindest Regards, 

Mr. Gray