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School Information


DR. John C. Page School

Dustin Gray, Principal

694 Main Street

West Newbury, Massachusetts 01985

Phone: 978-363-2671

Fax: 978-363-2234


School Hours
Full Day K-6:  8:35 AM - 3:00 PM


Morning Session: 8:35 AM - 11:40 AM

Morning Session: 8:35 AM - 11:15 AM

Afternoon Session: 12:15 PM - 2:55 PM


Our Family Handbook

General Rules

Students’ physical and verbal interactions with staff and other students will be courteous, respectful, and safe.

Students will not use profane or obscene language.

Students will not threaten or harass other students.

Students will respect the privacy and property of others (no “trading” of items.)

Students will respect and take appropriate care of school property.

Students will bring to school only those things that are necessary for school. They should never bring any weapons or items that could be harmful, dangerous, or unsafe onto school property or school buses. This includes toy weapons such as toy guns or knives and matches.

Students will not wear inappropriate clothing to school (for example, profanity on clothing).

Students will follow the classroom rules established by the teacher(s).

Students will follow the same expectations for behavior in common areas of the school.

Students will demonstrate honesty at all times.

Invitations to parties, etc. are not to be distributed at school.


Cafeteria Rules

Students will sit in assigned areas if requested to do so by an adult.

Students will use “indoor voices” while eating, talking without raising their voices during lunch.

Students will not share food.

Students will practice good table manners.

Students will take responsibility for cleaning up their own area.  

Hall and Bathroom Rules

Students will walk in the halls.

Students will be orderly and quiet in the halls and bathrooms.

The following are disrespectful and potentially unsafe, and so are unacceptable in the halls and bathrooms:

     Playing and loitering.

     Throwing towels or toilet paper.

     Climbing over or under the stalls.

     Sitting on the sinks.

     Deliberate flooding of the bathroom.

     Hanging on the stall doors.

     Destruction of toilet paper and paper towel receptacles.

     Any other such actions.


Playground Rules

Students will play in assigned areas.

Students will use “safe” toys on the playground (no hard balls, bats, or sticks.) Note: If a student chooses to bring a ball from home, it is expected that it be safe and approved of by a teacher, and shared with other students. In addition, any playground ball brought to school is the sole responsibility of the student and the school is not liable.

Students will not throw snowballs, sand, rocks, dirt, etc. on the playground.

Students will avoid playing rough games.

Students will use peaceful and respectful means to resolve conflicts or disagreements.

Students will line up quickly and quietly before and after recess.

Students will not chew gum in the school and on the school grounds.