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Principal's Page


I hope everyone has had a fun-filled summer. In just a few days, the school year will start once again. Excitement is in the air as teachers are preparing classrooms and attending meetings to be ready for students on Tuesday morning.  We continue to build on our Innovation School success by launching our work with the new Pentucket Curriculum, STEAM spaces/courses and subsequent professional development around programming /robotics.  


Our website will have all important calendar and informational updates posted starting this Thursday.  The upcoming dates tab on the right is a great way to get a quick snapshot of all the dates and events that might have an impact on your child/family.  Please also review the family handbook linked on our website to make sure that everyone is as prepared and knowledgeable as possible to start the school year. 


As always, the school is a phone call away if we can provide any further assistance.  Chances are if you have thought of the question, someone else has as well and we probably have an answer for you or can guide you in the right direction.   Thank you and I look forward to a great start to the 2017-2018 school year. 


Kindest Regards, 

Mr. Gray


PS. We will post all information archived below in case you miss something....


From 8/24/18


Happy Friday Parents!  We are so happy to reach back out to you and welcome everyone back to the impending start of a fantastic new school year as well extend a warm Page School welcome to all of our new families who are joining us for the first time.  As a review for many and new information for some, this landing page will function as the go-to portal for all weekly communication.  It is usually updated by the end of the day on Friday.  If there are little to no updates, sometimes we skip a week here and there.  We send out reminders using the Blackboard Connect system which will generate an email and a text message with links to the website so it is easy for you to quickly review and keep handy. We will be sending out a test of this system on Monday to confirm we have accurate information in our database so look for a message from the school and PTO on Monday, August 27th.


Our PTO also sends out blasts for you to stay up-to-date.  The link is found below as well as the community education link which has district offerings.  We coordinate all of this information to be as concise and informative as possible.  If you have questions about anything you see on the page or any other pertinent questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Gray at 978-363-2671 or dgray@prsd.org.  


You can see that on the right-hand side we have some school-wide or grade level events with dates and times.  Those are good to place in your family calendar.  On the left, we have some of the navigation points to other important information on the subsequent pages.  Most of that information is static other than the STEAM Scoop.  Underneath, you can see some of our photo postings and videos of our Daily News announcements that our 6th-grade students create.  


The Page Family Handbook is updated and can be found here:


The last two pages need to be signed and returned after reading the handbook.  We are sending them home with the opening of school paperwork so there is no need to print them off. 


Parents can pick up their beginning of school paperwork in one of the three following methods. 

1) It is ready right now and you can stop by next week and pick it up at any point between 9:30 and 2:00. 

2) You can get your packet on Thursday, August 30th at 2:30 at the School supply drop-off where students and parents come up to the classroom to drop off items and see their new spaces. 

3) If you cannot make either of these, no worries as we will simply send it home the first day of school.  Please make sure that you devote a considerable amount of time to look through all of the paperwork. It is important to note that all paperwork needs to be returned by Wednesday, September 5th at the latest.


Bus Routes have been posted, 2018-2019 Bus Routes, please note that the routes might look similar, but bus numbers have changed.  Here are the changes:

Former Route 1 = NEW Route 12

Former Route 2 = NEW Route 11

Former Route 3 = NEW Route 8

Former Route 4 = NEW Route 10

Former Route 5 = NEW Route 9

Former Route 6 = NEW Route 21

Parents should review the new number with your child prior to the first day to make sure that they know which bus they get on at the end of the day. It is important for all parents to note that the bus pickup times are an approximation so please be out there earlier than anticipated and staying a little later than planned on the first few days.  The same will hold true for the drop-offs routine in the afternoons.  The bus routes do run a little slow those first few days.  Everyone can do their part at the bus stop by making sure children is ready (and had all of those first-day pictures taken) before the bus pulls up.